Claire's Story

"I lost my wonderful Dad suddenly in 2012, just after I turned thirty. He was such a lovely soul, the kindest person I've known and so warm, he called everyone flower and managed to get away. He was so loved, his funeral spilled out into the street.

At the time I wanted to have a keepsake so had some earrings made that contained his ashes. They weren't my style so stayed in a drawer, never worn. I spoke to Jessica about placing the earrings into one of her memory pieces and was delighted when she said it was possible."


 Claire and her Dad at a fancy dress party


"I chose the Clam Shell Memory Bracelet as we scattered my Dad's Ashes at sea on his favourite beach on the Isle of Mull, where some of my family live."




"I wear my special bracelet every day now and often think of taking my Dad with me wherever I go. The earrings inside make the slightest jingle as I touch it, bringing comfort and connection. I love that the earrings that were once kept in a drawer are now contained safely in something I can wear every day."

A personal thank you to you Claire for trusting me to re-purpose such a special piece of jewellery, it means a lot to be the one who made the unworn earrings into a piece that is worn every day, and cherishes a connection to such a special person and place in your life. Claire is such a warm and caring person, who works with me, she knows me and my work inside out, so I felt especially honoured when she came to me with this special request. And I have been delighted to see how loved her shell bangle is, meaning her father's ashes are now with her every day, in every way. 
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