Our helpful ramblings on caring for your Cast & Found piece


Remove jewellery before applying creams and perfumes

Clean your jewellery every few months to keep it looking its best

Store jewellery separately, perhaps wrapping in a soft cloth if you don’t have a box with compartments to avoid scratches


Do not wear jewellery in swimming pools

Avoid chains getting tangled as the chain links may become weak as you try to unravel. Hang up gold chains if possible. 

Do not store jewellery in a damp of cold environment

Metal specific care


To prevent silver from tarnishing the best thing to do is wear it regularly and store it in a dry place when it isn’t been worn.  Such as a bedroom rather than a bathroom. Low cost silver dip or a polishing cloth can be easily used to remove any tarnishing and refresh your piece.

Oxidised silver

To attain our signature oxidised look a treatment is applied to the surface of sterling silver. This finish can get better with wear as raised areas become less dark and more contrast shines through. We do however recommend storing oxidised items separately to other jewellery to avoid consistent knocks against other metal and hard surfaces as this may cause the surface finish to wear more quickly.


If Gold jewellery becomes dull or tarnished use a gold cloth to gently rub any discoloration away. Many of our gold pieces have areas of high polish, such as the inside of rings or the backs of pendants so we recommend storing items separately from other jewellery to avoid scratches. 


To maintain sparkle and lustre it is important to clean your pieces regularly. Most local high street jewellers offer this service. Often using an ultrasonic machine, which gently vibrates to loosen dirt from settings allowing light to shine through and your gemstone to regain sparkle. 

Repair and reconditioning

We offer a full repair and reconditioning service, please contact us to discuss your needs.


We want you to be happy with your C&F purchases, as our mission is to spread joy through our products. So please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any concerns.

Our Returns Policy

We are a small independent business, so returns are at our discretion, we are usually able to offer exchanges on items purchased as gifts but do not offer full refunds.

- We cannot offer returns on earrings due to hygiene reasons.

Returns are at the sender own risk, so we suggested using royal mails ‘special delivery service’ which can be tracked and traced.

Personalisation, Bespoke and Re-setting Commissions


Please visit your create page to learn how you can create bespoke pieces with us

Re-setting Heirloom Stones

In the future we plan to offer a re-setting service as part of our Create commissions, if you wish to be one of the first to explore this process with us please get in touch.


At present we do not engrave in house but are exploring adding this service to support personalisation of our products very soon.

Sizing (See Separate Document)

Repairs + Reconditioning

We offer a full repair and reconditioning service, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Under our Create service we can re purpose your own gold for sentiment. We recommend that you weigh and photograph your gold before packing. Then use Royal Mails Special Delivery to send to us. Following Royal Mail guidance.

Wholesale Orders

We do accept orders from retailers so would love to hear from you. Please contact us to explore working together.

Partner with Us

As a creative brand we are open to innovative approaches and the forming of new connections, if you have an idea of how we might work together please get in touch.

Customer Requirements

When placing an order, it is your responsibility to provide us with a concise description of any special requirements you may have. This can be done in through the comments box in the shopping cart.

By uploading images for your story card, you are giving us permission to use your photos as promotional material. Therefore, if the images are taken by a professional, we request that you ensure you have full rights to share the image or if unsure, please provide the photographers details so we can check directly.

When undertaking commissions as part of our Create range, every effort is made to produce a piece of jewellery that captures the very heart of the natural element you send us. All pieces will have irregularities this is the beauty of the cast look and the essence of the natural forms we work with.

Please ensure you select sizes of rings and chains carefully as all our designs are made to order. Visit our size guide for further guidance.

Website Images

Careful consideration has been taken to ensure each piece of jewellery has been accurately represented but we cannot guarantee that all screen resolutions will be true to the content created by us.

Images are not to scale so please refer to the dimensions given for each piece product.

Website Content

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You can contact us at jessica@castandfound.co.uk.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm (GMT).

For security reasons our postal address is only issued when required.