Nature grounds us, it makes our souls sing. Inspiration comes from hedgerow finds, woodland forages and garden ramblings where carefully selected pieces of nature are gathered. The detail and intricacy from these found treasures are mindfully and ethically handcrafted in silver and gold. 

It's amazing to think that our wedding rings were created from a little bit of out family's woodland, perhaps from a tree my grandfather planted.

Tim, Wedding Rings

“…exquisite handmade jewellery that now holds such sentiment to me and my husband. The oak tree you created the rings from is the tree where we tied the knot!”

Colleen, Wedding Rings

“…the whole process was so easy and exciting. From collecting the twigs….and even incorporating our grandparent’s old gold to add further sentiment.”

Andy, Wedding Rings

“Thank you so much for the beautiful memory you have made. I absolutely love it and so glad I went for the gold."

Lucy, necklace from wedding bouquet

Nature, ethically and mindfully made