Go rummage deep into your jewellery box and reinvent treasured pieces of jewellery. They mean something to you so let them bring you a little bit of joy. 

By styling your jewellery with the layered look you can wear pieces that might not feel bang on-trend in  a new way.

Top tips to develop confidence to wear this look:

  • Think about the practicality, avoid layering pieces that will get twisted and caught together.
  • Try out different necklace layered looks with different necklines.
On this image pieces that sit higher than than the scooped cami neckline have been teamed with a long drop pendant, which hangs well below, so neither are fighting against the delicate neckline.

Medium length necklaces work well over a t-shirt or over a buttoned shirt

  • Consider the shape of necklaces when trying out the layered book. Pendants that have a vertical drop can work really well layered with a pendant that is hung horizontally.
  • Get the balance right, allow a bit of space between pieces and invest in jewellery with different chain lengths. Identify the different chain lengths and see how they sit on the body

You may have precious metal jewellery that hasn’t been worn regularly. I will be posting a blog on how to care for your jewellery soon. Click here to subscribe.

  • Mixing metals, finishes and textures will make the layered look more authentic.

Make your jewellery a reflection of your style, the layers being like the pages of your story. This is a much more personal approach than just buying a ‘layered set’ simply to achieve the look. 

  • Don’t be too precious about getting things to match, mix different styles together

Don’t forget the mismatched approach to earrings too

Vogue says “…we will be wearing perennial hoop earring (worn individually, mismatched, or as a pair)..” well into 2020.

  • It’s good to mix bold statement pieces with fine and delicate ones. Too many chunky pieces makes you look weighed down so it’s important to get variety.

If you need to feel confident that you are getting it right then seeing a heap of examples on this Pinterest board might help.

But my advice is to have a jewellery trying on session, it will build your confidence quickly. Play with what you already have and then work out any key pieces you need to invest in to achieve a personal but cohesive look.

I do this to prep for product photoshoots and it is great fun. You will find it much less tiring than trying out new looks with clothes, and it can be surprising what impact wearing jewellery in new ways can have on your style.



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Written by Jessica Collin, ethical jewellery designer, and owner of Cast & Found.

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