This beautiful couple were married in their own orchard (doesn’t it look truly magical?) sharing their commitment with forever rings crafted from a special Hawthorn tree nestled on their own land. Kelly-Marie & Andrew grow flowers and herbs, they work the land, making produce from the woods and sell curated  botanical books and designs, from their small holding in Wales. And have just welcomed their first baby.

I crafted both rings in 18ct yellow gold, with Kelly-Maries ring cast directly from the wonderfully textured hawthorn twigs (minus the very Sharpe spiky points we recognise from the hawthorn that line our hedgerows in the UK.)



Along with a gathering of sticks the couple also sent me a selection of the hawthorn berries to work into a signet ring for Andrew. I dried and carved these beautiful finds ready to guide through the lost wax or burn out casting process. I was so delighted with the result of the casts of both of these designs when I cracked open the mould. 

Kelly-Marie’s message to me ‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, you are always so helpful, efficient, professional and generally lovely! We are so happy to have had our rings made by you, and I feel so grateful that I saw that Instagram that day. We searched and searched to try and find a solution for our rings and there you were in perfect timing. Now we both have something that is so special, meaningful and symbolic. Thank you Jessica xxx”



I only take on a few wedding ring commissions a year working with couples who value their story and connections to the nature we work with. And these two were an absolute joy to work with, Kelly-Marie’s parcels of hawthorn gatherings arriving in the most beautifully wrapped that made me so excited to open it and get started on their hawthorn ring project. You can see more of Kelly-Marie and Andrews’ work and world @Kintalaflowers  

Photographs by Jo & Patrick at 'Cornwall elopements'@cornwall_elopements

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