Thin & Thick Bands - Create

Cast & Found

Capture a connection with a place, a memory or meaning to you in our signature bespoke twig style bands. Cast from twigs found in special locations, from meaningful trees or those collect in a magical moment. To help you treasure your story in this way was Cast & Found's creator Jessica Collin's inspiration for the whole brand. After she crafted her own wedding bands from twigs found in her husbands family's woodland, you can read more about this on The maker page. Jessica would be delighted to personally craft your special rings and hopes that that being able to clearly and easily generate a quote by selecting your preferred metal and finger size will make it easy for you to do so. If you are unsure of your ring size please request a ring sizer through the post. You may also have your rings cast from your own heirloom gold. This is a service offered for sentiment and meaning, because of the individual casting processes required it does not make the cost lower. Please get in contact for a personalised quote. 

Please note wide bands are between 6-8mm wide and thin 2-3mm wide, dependant upon the twigs provided.  

[To bring the commissioning service to you online, restrictions as to the size and weight are applied to each of the product offerings. This allows for the arcuate costing of each product in the different metal options.]

Your Commmission

Every commissioned piece is totally unique to the find you send in, the stories on this page give examples of bespoke jewellery with similar themes. The Cast & Found approach is to capture connections, outcomes are often artistic representations rather than exact replicas of the finds you supply, this the beauty of our jewellery. Every find is creatively explored before being hand crafted into your heirloom piece, therefore if there are ever any concerns as to the outcome of a commission you will be contacted directly. Once you have commissioned and purchased your chosen design, you will receive further information on the next steps and including a pre paid postage label to send in your treasures.