Two Leaves or Petals Pendant - Create

Cast & Found

Leaf's and petals have such beautiful detail and form, they can cast wonderfully and look delightful as a simple drop pendant. Capturing connections and memories in a piece that is unique to your own special story. Please note that even delicate petals which have been dried and pressed can be crafted into durable pendants.  

Suitable for finds that are smaller than 4cm in length by 2cm in width. If you send something larger it can always be  shaped to size, in a skilful and mindful way.

[To bring the commissioning service to you online, restrictions as to the size and weight are applied to each of the product offerings. This allows for the arcuate costing of each product in the different metal options.]

Your Commmission

Every commissioned piece is totally unique to the find you send in, the stories on this page give examples of bespoke jewellery with similar themes. The Cast & Found approach is to capture connections, outcomes are often artistic representations rather than exact replicas of the finds you supply, this the beauty of our jewellery. Every find is creatively explored before being hand crafted into your heirloom piece, therefore if there are ever any concerns as to the outcome of a commission you will be contacted directly. Once you have commissioned and purchased your chosen design, you will receive further information on the next steps and including a pre paid postage label to send in your treasures.