Ivy is a beautiful plant dripping in history and mythology. In the past, it was given as a gift to newlyweds to symbolise everlasting love and loyalty. But it also represents the deepest and most enduring of loves so is the perfect gift for friends, sisters and mothers. 

Ivy pendant 

The song ‘the holly and the ivy’ helps to cement its place as a favourite for many, particularly given its winter flavour. And if you’ve ever looked at tenacious ivy cling to a surface, you’ll see why its suckers dotted along its tendrils symbolise the closeness of friendship. So, from something special for an old friend to a heartfelt present for your loved one, our ivy jewellery is the perfect choice.


I’ve worked with great care over the last few years to capture the irregular patterns of the plant in my ivy collection, all cast directly from nature’s offerings. I believe that every part of ivy is beautiful, so you’ll find castings from the leaves, buds, as well as its twigs. There really is something for everyone in the collection.

 Gold plated Ivy Leaf Necklace

Of course, the beauty of ivy is that every now and again, you stumble upon a leaf which is almost perfectly heart-shaped. There’s no greater pleasure for me than finding the perfect specimen to cast from on one of my collecting walks. I chose an exquisitely-formed one for the Ivy Leaf Pendant you see in the collection, found in Leicestershire. It’s an easy-to-wear pendant that’s as beautiful worn every day as it is for special occasions. And its evergreen beauty is available in a choice of sterling silver or gold plating, so you can customise your look.

For a boho style, our Ivy Bud Half Hoops are a gorgeous look. The more abstract design comes in a choice of three materials: sterling silver for a classic shine, oxidised sterling silver for an unusual, pared-back twist, or 9ct yellow gold plate for a gift for someone very special indeed.


For a truly organic look, try our Ivy Twig Stacking Rings. Available in a trio of metals the same as our half hoops, these textured rings look fab when mixed together, or intricate and dainty on their own.


To finish off the natural feel, all our jewellery arrives in our signature packaging filled with moss for a unique finish.

 Gift packaging Cast and Found

Take a look at the full ivy collection, or browse our full cast jewellery range. And if you’d like to have access to exclusive sample sales, be the first to know about new products, and understand more about our process, you’ll want to get yourself signed up to our mailing list.


Good luck finding the perfect gift!




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