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Autumn brings with it many jewels, and two of my personal favourites are the acorn and the poppy. The former is strong and promises to grow into something much bigger than its humble beginnings, while the poppy is delicate and renowned all over the world for its remembrance quality. Both the acorn and the poppy feature as beautiful vessels to hold ashes in our brand-new memorial collection.

 From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow

Ashes acorn pendant silver

Lots of us have fond childhood memories of searching for acorn nuts and then their little hats to go on top. I’m always delighted when I’m on a woodland walk and an acorn makes its way into my creel basket of treasures.

Creel basket in makers studio

There are three acorn ashes jewellery options in our collection. We find that these are a popular choice for turning pet ashes into jewellery too, with the forest representing a special place for many of our four-legged friends too.

The first option is the silver ashes bangle. Cast directly from the real thing in precious metal, the silver design perfectly captures nature’s intricacies. The acorn dangles delicately in view on your wrist, to help you hold your loved one close. It’s available on a variety of bangle sizes, with a design to fit all.

The second and third options are the small and large silver acorn ashes pendant. These cremation necklaces are designed to keep your loved one close to your heart, with many people getting comfort from enjoying a quiet moment deep in thought, while they thumb their precious heirloom throughout the day. As with all our memorial jewellery, both pendants are available on a choice of chain length to help you personalise your story.

A symbol of remembrance, hope and peace… the poppy

9ct yellow gold poppy cremation pendant

The poppy seed head is nature’s own capsule, making it perfect to cast from for ashes jewellery. Our collection features four poppy seed head options: a small and large pendant necklace, a bangle, as well as a stand-alone urn (preview below). These rustic capsules are a tactile and timeless alternative to highly-polished designs for those who love nature and the perfectly imperfect.

The small silver poppy seen on both the cremation pendant and bangle was cast from a tiny poppy seed head I found on the edge of open fields. It represents the idea of sowing hope for the future, and draws on the remembrance quality of the poppy we know and love. Both are available on a choice of either bangle or chain size.

Both the poppy seed head urn (coming soon) and large cremation necklace are cast directly from nature using a seed head grown in my cottage garden. As with all my memorial jewellery, your design will be permanently sealed to help you feel close to your loved ones forever. The pendant is available on a variety of chain lengths, while the poppy urn is designed to comfort however you feel best – perhaps it’s under your pillow, in your hand, or displayed somewhere within the home.

Treasure your story

It’s my passion to help you treasure your story in the form of heirloom jewellery and I’m excited to share the full collection with you in the coming months. And while these blogs explore the different designs I have created, you can get to know more about my inspiration for the wider collection and my love of treasuring stories in this video

So, do you find the acorn or the poppy resonates most with you? Let us know in the comments, as a maker your feedback is really valued. Oh don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out about our new launches.



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